All-star is a special thing just to respect it

The annual All-Star Weekend is approaching, Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant will soon be with Russell Westbrook to do a "teammate." Warriors and Thunder three times this season to keep Nike Tracy Mcgrady Purple Jersey the victory. After a week the brave will be again in the All-Star weekend and Westbrook to meet again, Stephen Curry that the two sides will live in harmony.
"I think we are all mature enough," said Curry, "just to enjoy the All-Star, in the locker room, to understand the meaning of wearing an all-star jersey, to celebrate the achievements of everyone, obviously there will be competition, because the history of pendulum But in the end we just try to improve the level of the game, as a whole to improve people's interest in the NBA. We are the same class, although I can not speak on behalf of KD or Russell, but the All-Star is a special thing, you hope to respect it.
The atmosphere of the All-Star West locker room may not be very lively, and Curry thinks that Raymond-Green can serve as a "pistachio" role: "he will come in and start talking jokes and make the whole locker room noisy."
Green is also very willing to accept Patriots gold super bowl L Jersey such a role, he said in an interview: "I am looking forward to in that situation to play 'ice skater', you know, we are all-star. Coach All-Star is Cole, I do not think that someone will be a sense of tension into the all-star locker room.Finally, we are 12 to get all-star qualification of the players, to do this is not easy, there are many very good players in the league."
"Everyone likes to play," Durant said. "It feels like we are playing a grand soap opera, or a reality show. Everyone wants to know the relationship between us, or we Whether the phone is called, not the most important thing, the game itself, I'm sure both of us, and the other players are feeling that way.
Warriors have four players selected this all-star race, in addition to Durant, there are Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson and Drawn Green. Warrior coach Steve Cole will coach the Western All-Star, he said he did not consider whether it will be discharged Westbrook Warriors four giants lineup. Durant does not care about it. But no matter how he (Cole) what kind of lineup, I promise will be very interesting.

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