The strongest lineup to the competition will be a wonderful duel

The current All-Star starting lineup Bill Ranford Oilers Jersey for the east: DeRozan, Irving, James, Jimmy Butler, Antetokounmpo. West: Curry, Harden, Durant, Leonard and Anthony Davis.
All-Star Game is a performance of the game, last season, the West team to 196-173 victory over the East, played a record high score, but often at a critical moment, the two teams will be a real match, in this Time, want to win, it is necessary from the match, fluency and play a critical moment.
But hit a critical moment, there may be a more appropriate combination, as the Western team coach, Cole, of course, is best at using his own four giants, the four people in the field to produce more chemical reactions, as another candidate, Westbrook was originally a very good choice, but because of his and Durant and the Warriors between the resentment, so Westbrook was excluded, and Harden is more suitable partner Warrior F4. Harden is a deadly three-point shooter, and his breakthrough is also very sharp, able to make a foul, Harden this season has been transformed into a passer, he can provide more opportunities for other teammates, taking into account the Warriors Four giants have the ability to shoot outside, when Harden's sudden and F4 projection together, will be very no solution.
In the east, the Green Army coach Stevens served as the Eastern team coach, small Thomas will be in this stage to get more play space, as the king of the distal, small assassin at the crucial moment of the performance of the real force, in addition, James and Irving The championship portfolio has also proven that they can contribute to the team at critical moments. In addition to the three, the remaining candidates have many options, and Stevens may be more inclined Red Bobby Orr NHL Jersey to use Lory, after all, small steel gun this season's three-point ability to surprise, his current three The number of hits in the league was only inferior to Curry and Harden, which opened the space for the East. East team on the list does not really sense the center, and Ade Quinco both height and athletic ability, he averaged 8.6 rebounds this season, at the same time, the letter brother is one of the league's best passers, His all-around side can be compatible with any teammates. The strongest lineup with the competition, the fans will no doubt see more exciting duel!

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